natural rennet of animal origin for the production of cheeses

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natural rennet of animal origin for the production of cheeses

Paride Venturelli srl

The company Paride Venturelli S.r.l. is engaged in the production of processing aids for the dairy industry and supplies natural rennet, non animal coagulants and dairy cultures.

Natural rennet is produced in the three traditional commercial types: rennet paste, liquid rennet and powder rennet.
All products are manufactured from high quality and carefully selected raw materials. Paride Venturelli S.r.l. relies on its long term industry experience and uses state-of-the art technology and know-how to manufacture its products.
All stages of production are constantly monitored by our in-house laboratory to ensure that customers receive products characterized by high and consistent quality standards.

Process and product innovation have always been considered as a key success factor in which the company invests on an ongoing basis.
At Paride Venturelli S.r.l. customers not only find excellent products, but also ongoing after-sale support: the company provides advice and support through an excellent team of highly skilled dairy technicians.

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