Sale of lactic ferments for traditional cheese production

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Sale of lactic ferments for traditional cheese production

Paride Venturelli Company, which has always been attentive to market demands and always ready to meet the needs of its customers, enriches its offer with direct in vat inoculation lactic acid cultures, a natural complementary ingredient of coagulants for the production of traditional cheeses.
The Company, thanks to its consolidated experience in the dairy sector and close collaboration with customers, can provide customized solutions for lactic acid cultures in freeze-dried form, based on selected natural strains for fermented milks and cheeses.
In particular, the solutions offered can cover a wide range of requests and include lactic acid bacteria cultures for:

The acidification of cheeses and fermented milks

• mesophilic cultures composed of acidifying and / or aroma producing lactococci, specifically designed for the production of raw and semi cooked cheeses, with close or open texture, cultured butter, and fresh cheeses.
• cultures based on acidifying streptococci and / or lactobacilli for the production of curd, stretched or soft cheeses, semi-hard or hard cheeses and fermented milks such as yoghurt, laban and ayran.

The ripening of cheeses

• microbial cultures composed of mesophilic or thermophilic lactobacilli, molds or yeasts suitable for ensuring the correct and desired development of the surface, structure, taste and functional properties of the various cheeses during their ripening process.

The bioprotection of fermented milks and cheeses

• cultures composed of specifically selected bacteria able to prevent the development of common contaminants such as molds and yeasts and therefore capable of extending the shelf life of fermented milks and fresh cheeses.

Creating added value to dairy products

• cultures composed of probiotics, bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, able to consistently grow and survive in fermented milks and soft or semi-hard cheeses, offering an additional health value in addition to the nutritional benefit of the finished products.

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